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Product Air Monitor Fox Thermal Greyline ONICON Pulsar Seametrics
Flow control
Flow meters
Flow systems
Level control
Pump meters
Pump control
Smart sensors
Fluid Air Monitor Fox Thermal Greyline ONICON Pulsar Seametrics
Dissolved O2
Technologies Air Monitor Fox Thermal Greyline ONICON Pulsar Seametrics
Acoustic Impact
Air Sensors
Doppler Flow (Ultrasonic)
Echo Processing
Energy (BTU)
Float Switches
FMCW Radar
Jet Meters
Level Switches
Mass Flow
Open channel
Paddle Wheel
Pipe Flow RSSA
Pressure Sensor
Temperature Sensors
Thermal Dispersion
Thermal mass
Transit time

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Industries & Applications Air Monitor Fox Thermal Greyline ONICON Pulsar Seametrics
open applications Aerospace
Product testing
Natural gas flow for laboratories
Compressed air
open applications Automotive
Paint booths
Cooling systems
Airflow for Coating
Airflow for Spraying
Compressed Air
Natural Gas consumption
Powder plant airflow
H2 flow for fuel cells
open applications Chemical / Petrochemical
Gas flow monitoring
Airflow monitoring
Gas flow for hydrogenation
Gas flow for inert environments
Gas flow for oxygenation processes
open applications Electronics Manufacturing
LCD Glass
open applications Environmental
Flare Gas
Vent / flash gas / fugitive emissions
Landfill recovery gas monitoring
Water flow monitoring
Water level monitoring
Water pumping tests
Saltwater intrusion
Surface water monitoring
Ground water monitoring
Water remediation
open applications Food & Beverage
Cooling Air
CO2 in Brewing
Process cooling
Exhaust gas
Ventilation systems
N2 in mayonnaise manufacturing
H2 in hydrogenated oil
Fermenter off-gas
Compressed air
open applications Geologic
Quarry stone drying
Mining air injection
Mining ventilation
Methane recovery
Geothermal installation
open applications Glass / Ceramics
Airflow to burners / kilns
Fuel to burners / kilns
Compressed air
Natural gas flow
open applications HVAC
Building airflow
Space pressurization
Air quality
Energy conservation
Clean room
Chilled water
Cooling towers
Condensed water
Heating Hot water
Seawater air conditinoing chill water monitoring
Steam condensate
Outdoor airflow monitoring
Laboratory & Hood exhaust
Room or space pressurization
Outside reference pressure measurement
Ducted airflow measurement & control
Fan discharge measurement
Fan inlet measurement
Fan tracking for building pressurization
open applications Industrial
Combustion Optimization
Cooling systems
Chemical processing water flow monitoring
Fluid bed dryer airflow
Leak measurement
Quenching (air)
Quenching (water)
Burner & flame control
Compressed air
Water flow monitoring
Water level
Desalination water flow monitoring
Dewatering water flow monitoring
open applications Irrigation
Water flow monitoring
Water level
Turf & Landscape
open applications Science / R&D
Space pressurization
open applications Marine
Fuel measurement & reporting
Fuel usage
open applications Municipal
Water flow monitoring
open applications Medical
Pill coating
Leak detection
open applications Oil & Gas
Refinery power
Separators (water)
Custody transfer
Fuel measurement
Natural gas transmission
Compressor leaks
Flare gas monitoring
Vent / flash / fugitive gas monitoring
Separators (gas)
Wastewater flow monitoring
Water flow monitoring
Water level
open applications Plastics
Airflow monitoring
Nitrogen monitoring
open applications Power / Energy
Plant burners
Fuel measurement
Combustion airflow
Combustion fuel flow
Boiler steam flow
Building feed steam flow
Hydronic energy transfer measurement
open applications Pulp & Paper
Paper Drying
Compressed air
Combustion fuel flow
Heated air to coal mill
Water flow monitoring
Water level
open applications Water/Wastewater
Water flow monitoring
Water level
Gray water / surface water

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