Applications and Industries for Thermal Mass Flow Meters

Fox Thermal manufactures a full line of advanced thermal mass flow meters. Each flow meter is manufactured to strict quality standards, calibrated to NIST standards in our state-of-the-art calibration labs, and customized for your application needs. Fox Thermal flow meters can be used in a wide variety of applications including:

  • Industrial Plants
  • Oil & Gas Upstream/Production and Midstream
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Animal Waste Digesters
  • Landfill Digesters
  • Pure Gas Applications


Fox Thermal Flow Meters help customers from a spectrum of industries meet
the challenges of improving process efficiencies, tracking gas usage, and reporting emissions for regulatory compliance. Read more about applications for Thermal Mass Flow technology in the links below.
Fox Thermal Industrial Gas Flow Meters
Flow Meters for Industrial Plants
Industrial Gas Flow Meters must be rugged, packed with features and options, and ready to measure out of the box. Plant operators must often keep the process gas flow uninterrupted... Read more >>
Fox Thermal Wastewater Treatment Flow Meters
Flow Meters for Wastewater Treatment, Biogas
In water or wastewater treatment facilities, the importance of keeping the system running smoothly and consistently is paramount. Reliability of facility equipment must be at the highest... Read more >>
Fox Thermal Oil & Gas Industry Flow Meters
Flow Meters for Oil & Gas Industry
The Oil & Gas industry must often meet strict safety standards or abide by environmental or other regulations. Fox Thermal flow meters help meet these demands by ensuring safety... Read more >>
Fox Thermal Pure Gas Flow Meters
Flow Meters for Pure Gas Applications
The demand for pure gases from Specialty Gas Producers is high. So many industries rely on a steady flow of gases to meet their process needs. Flow meters to measure argon, carbon ... Read more >>


Check out our most popular flow meters!
FT2A Flow Meter for Natural Gas Applications.
Natural Gas Flow Meters
Natural Gas is used as fuel for equipment across different industries. When choosing a meter for natural gas flow measurement, safety and accuracy is paramount. Try a thermal mass flow meter by Fox Thermal. View Product Info >>
FT3 Flow Meter for Flare Gas Applications.
Flare Gas Flow Meters
Flaring gases in the Oil & Gas industry or any number of biogas recovery systems has its own strict regulatory guidelines. Rugged, full-featured meters are needed to measure in these conditions. View Product Info >>
FT1 Flow Meter for Air Applications.
Air Flow Meters, Compressed Air Flow Meters
Air flow for compressed air systems, ventilation systems, industrial dryers, etc must be measured with consistent and accurate readings from a flow meter that can handle tough industrial conditions. View Product Info >>

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