Fox Thermal ESG Statement

"Flow Into Change" - ESG Statement from Fox Thermal

Fox Thermal Instruments is committed to preventing the production of waste and other materials that impose unreasonable risks to health and the environment.

Responsible Manufacturing

We ensure that working conditions for employees are safe and that these conditions meet and exceed OSHA requirements. Hazardous materials are stored and controlled in compliance with regulatory standards.

Material Recycling

We recycle e-Waste and metal scrap using environmentally sound methods that comply with regulatory standards. Hazardous materials are recycled in a responsible manner that complies with regulatory standards.

Eco-conscious Products

Our products allow companies to monitor levels of pollution and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Our aim is to minimize the negative impacts of air emissions and promote a richer global environment.

Visit the Fox Thermal ESG Applications Page to learn about how Fox Thermal flow meters can be used for ESG reporting.

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