Pure Gas Applications for Gas Producers

Thermal Mass Flow Meters for Pure Gas Applications for Gas Producers

Industrial customers of all types rely on specialty gas producers to supply them with the pure or mixed gases that they need for their processes. For instance, car manufacturers often need large quantities of nitrogen, argon, oxygen, or other gases to complete processes such as nitrogen blanketing, argon for high-quality welding of vehicle body panels or chassis, and oxygen for reflow soldering to improve process consistency and reduce nitrogen consumption.

Specialty Gas Producers manufacture and store large quantities of pure and mixed gases in tank storage facilities across the country. Leaks from these tanks can
cause possible environmental damage, impose regulatory repercussions, and cost the producer from lost product. Maintaining a leak-free system of storage and transfer is paramount to keeping costs down.

Some common gases and applications:
  • Ammonia Gas Flow Measurement
  • Argon Gas Flow Meters
  • Butane Gas Flow Meters
  • Carbon Monoxide Gas Flow Measurement
  • Ethane Gas Flow Measurement
  • Helium Gas Flow Measurement
  • Hydrogen Gas Flow Measurement
  • LPG Gas Flow Measurement
  • Nitrogen Gas Flow Measurement
  • Oxygen Gas Flow Measurement
  • Ozone Flow Measurement
  • Other Pure and Mixed Gas Applications

Pure Gas Applications

Fox Thermal Flow Meters for Welding Shops and Shield Gas Flow .
Welding Shops and Shield Gas Flow
The quality of a welded joint depends heavily on the atmosphere on the surface of the metal joints during the welding process. If there is too much
ambient air or moisture present, the weld will be of a lower quality. In order to combat this problem, shield gases are used to remove the ambient air and increase the quality of the weld. The type of gas used as a shield gas is often dependent on the type of weld being done and the material of the metal being joined.

Argon and argon mixtures are the most common shield gases used for welding. The mixture must be blended to an accuracy of between ±1% and ±5% depending on the unique demands of the customer ordering the shielding gas from the specialty gas producer. The higher the purity of the gases, the better the result.

Large shops or manufacturers often must store gases on-site then pipe the gas to equipment. Measuring the flow of gases in this system to track usage and compare to purchase manifests allows operators to find inefficiencies or leaks in the system. As these very pure specialty gases come at a premium, it is crucial that operators detect leaks early in order to maintain stock and keep costs under control.

Inefficiencies in aging or damaged equipment can be detected by tracking usage across the gas delivery system. Finding these inefficiencies early can allow the operator to make key decisions for maintenance or replacement strategies.

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Fox Thermal Flow Meters for Medical Gas.
Medical Gas
The most obvious gas used in medical applications – Oxygen for respiration – is accompanied by several other essential gases for use in hospitals and
other medical facilities. Almost every hospital has a central gas supply installation. Through a system of pipes that reaches the entire compound, almost every room can be supplied with these and other common medical gases:
  • Oxygen
  • Nitrous oxide
  • Compressed air
  • Synthetic air
The system of pipes is usually fed by a central unit in the basement having some form of access for road tankers available outside.

Beyond respiratory gases, there are other pure or mixed gases needed in medical applications. For instance, helium is needed for MRI machinery to create precision scans and also as cryogenic helium for use in laboratories.

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Fox Thermal Flow Meters for Electronics Applications.
Over 30 pure and mixed gases are used in the manufacturing of electronics and their components. These gases or gas mixtures must be high-purity
gases. Any impurities in the gas could have disastrous results on product quality.

Gases may be used in silicon growth, furnace treatments, cooling, etching, reducing, system purging, and atmospherics.

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FT2A Flow Meter for Argon Gas Applications.
Argon Flow Meters
Argon flow meters must be highly accurate for pure gas uses. See what an air flow meter from Fox Thermal can do for your shielding gas or other atmospheric gas needs. View Product Info >>
FT1 Flow Meter for Helium Gas Applications.
Helium Flow Meters
Helium is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas. It is used frequently in the medical industry as well as in welding. Program the FT1 to measure your specific helium mixture. View Product Info >>
FT3 Flow Meter for Hydrogen Applications.
Hydrogen Flow Meters
Hydrogen may be used in its purest form or mixed with others. Try a Fox Thermal flow meter with FM/FMc, ATEX, or IECEx approvals and NIST traceable calibration for higher accuracy. View Product Info >>
FT2A Flow Meter for Oxygen Applications.
Oxygen Flow Meters
Oxygen is a widely and commonly used pure gas in the medical and industrial sectors. Try a Fox Thermal flow meter cleaned and bagged for oxygen service in your application. View Product Info >>

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